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Easy installation through the data center (Cloud-init)

This section is suitable for hosting that supports cloud config Copy and paste this code into the appropriate field

package_upgrade: true
  - apt-transport-https
  - ca-certificates
  - curl
  - wget
  - gnupg-agent
  - software-properties-common
  - git

  - cd /opt
  - bash -c "export CREATE_EASYSETUP_LINK='true';curl|bash -s -- --no-gui"

final_message: "The system is finally up, after $UPTIME seconds"
output: { all: "| tee -a /root/cloud-init-output.log" }

# you can see the generated link from the website by using 
# in one hour, after that,
# it will be disappear. 

After installing this script, follow the installation from here to complete the installation.

Last update: April 17, 2024