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Tutorial for ShadowRocket app

This application is one of the non-free programs on the iOS operating system that you can use to connect to VPNs based on Xray.

To do this, enter your user panel in the panel and enter the section specified for the ShadowRocket app in the iOS tab. - Then, you can download the program from the given link if needed.

  • In the lower section, there are configs, which have two possibilities.

There are two options. You can choose the Normal config marked in orange or use the Lite config the green one. Lite config do not pass the traffic of domestic sites through the VPN, so when your VPN is active, you do not need to turn it off to go to domestic sites. On the other hand, the Normal configuration passes all the traffic through the VPN and. If the option to block domestic sites is enabled in the panel settings, these sites will not be opened, but if WARP is enabled, domestic sites will be opened using WARP.

Finally, according to your need, click on one of the links and to transfer the link to the app, either you can use the copy option or scan the displayed QR code.

  • After copying the link from the panel's user page, enter the ShadoRocket program and press the + button from the upper right corner.

  • Then, on the page that opens, set the Type to Subscribe, and then copy the link in the URL field and click Save. By saving this link, all connections will be loaded in the program.

  • To do this, click on the scanner button on the main page as shown below.

  • Then scan the QR Code on the user page. Connections will be added to the app.

Config test

To test connections, just click on Connectivity Test on the main page of the program.

If you want to test the configurations more realistically, go to Settings in the lower menus and then set Test Method to Connect. Now, if you take a test, more real results will be shown.

Update of subscription and configs

If you want to test the configurations more realistically, go to Settings in the lower menus and then set Test Method to Connect. Now, if you take a test, more real results will be shown.

Subscribe settings

In the Settings menu, select the Subscribe option at the bottom.

Automatic update when opening the app

For this, select Update on Open in Subscribe.

Automatic update

Turn on the Auto Background Update option to automatically update the links at specified time intervals.

Sort by ping result

If you want to sort the configurations based on the result of the ping test, select the Sort by ping option.

Prevent IP leakage

To do this, activate the Disable STUN option in Settings and in the UDP section.

Fix sound problem in some programs

Sometimes it may have happened to you that the sound does not play in some programs like Club House. To fix this problem, you can enter TCP from Settings and then change your Fingerprint.

Activate the app shortcut

Enter the Shortcuts section from Settings. Here, you can set a voice command for different applications, using that voice command, the desired function will be executed, for example, the program will be executed, and so on.

Activate Killer Switch

For this, enter the On Demand section in Settings.

Always On

By turning this option on, your VPN will always be on.

On Demand

By turning on this option, when your internet is interrupted, ShadoRoket will disconnect your entire internet to prevent your original IP from being revealed.

Disconnect on Sleep

If you enable this option, the VPN will be disconnected after the phone goes to sleep mode.

Share connection with other devices

Suppose you have a device that cannot install a VPN and needs to be connected to the free Internet. For this, you can use the connection sharing option in ShadRocket. Enter the Proxy section in the Settings menu and select Proxy Share. If you enable the Enable Share option, your VPN will be shared on the specified IP and port.

To use on another device that is in the same network as your phone, you can enter its proxy settings and enter the IP and port. This device will connect to the free internet without installing any VPN.

Create load balance

Holding your finger on the home screen and sliding down opens the app's hidden menu.

Press the + button to create a load balance.

Give a desired name and set the Type to load-balance. Then, from the Policy section, select the configurations that have better ping or even all configurations. In the Interval section, you can specify the time between load balance connection tests. In the Timeout section, you can also specify the length of time a connection remains disconnected and is still considered valid. But if it's the first time you set this part, you can set the timer settings to default for now. Finally, save.

Now click on the created load balancer and tap Test. With this, the load balance test is performed and its connection is established. By turning ShadowRocket on or off, load balance is also turned on or off.

Fixed the problem of some sites not opening

If some sites or applications do not open for you or Telegram gifs do not open, make the following settings to fix it.

  • Go to the Settings menu.

  • Enter the TCP section.

  • Set TLS to Network.

  • Set Fingerprint to Safari15_5.

  • Set Max Read Length to 16384.

  • Then go to Home.

  • Set Global Routing to Proxy.

Last update: June 29, 2024