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How to set up and use Telegram bot on HiddifyManager

In Hidify, you can connect your panel to a Telegram bot and do a series of tasks related to the user section through it.

For this, you need to first create a bot in Telegram.

Making a Telegram bot

Open Telegram and search for botfather. Open the bot that creates Telegram bots.

Click Start to start the bot creation process.

Then from the menu that appears; Select /newbot option.

In the next step, first choose a desired name for your bot and then choose a unique username for it.

pay attention: * Bot username must end with the word Bot. * Using _ for bot username is allowed.

In the next step, your bot is ready. You must copy the corresponding token to enter it in the next area in your Hiddify panel.

Bot setting in Hiddify panel

To do this, go to the settings section and then in advanced settings; Enter the token copied in the previous step into the specified field.

Then hit register and apply changes.

Telegram bot is available. You can see it in menu.

How to use Telegram bot

To use this bot, just click on the Telegram bot menu in the Hiddify panel; Here you will be redirected to Telegram and enter your bot. Start the bot.

Note: for safety reasons, the bot will start this way.

In this bot, you can create your desired users and check their volume and expiration date.

By selecting Create Package, you can specify the desired package for the user.

For example, the 4 GB package is selected here.

In the next step, you specify the validity period of the account. For example, a week.

Then you specify the number of users with the given profile. For example, 1 user is selected here.

Now, select the domain for the user's link

The work is done. The user was created with the given specifications and its specifications are displayed for you in the robot.

If you check the panel, you can see that the desired user has been created according to the data specifications in the bot.

You can send message to users via Telegram if you save their Telegram account in the panel.

You can also click on the update button in the bot to report the user's latest status, including the expiration date and the amount of remaining volume.

This bot is in its early stages and its list of executable commands will be developed in the future.

Last update: April 17, 2024