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Tutorial for Fair VPN app

For this, go to your user page on Hiddify panel. Then you will see the subscription link in the section related to the Fair VPN app.

Click on the QR code button corresponding to the link for Subscription b64 so that a small window appears.

Now there are two options.

  • You can select the Copy option

  • Then enter the Fair VPN app and tap on the Import VPN Configs option in the VPN tab.

  • Paste the subscription link you copied here and click OK.

  • After a few seconds, the configurations will be added to the app.

Scan QR Code

The next way to enter the link is to use a QR code. - For this, you must select Add VPN by QR Code from the bottom menu of the software in the VPN tab.

  • Then scan the relevant QR code on the panel user page using the phone's camera. By doing this, the configurations will be added to the software as before.

Connection test

To test the configurations, tap on Test VPN Latency option, then tap on Test Web Latency option. With this, the real test is taken from the connections and the result is displayed next to each connection.

Sort configs based on ping test

To do this, select the Sort by Latency option from the Test VPN Latency option. With this, the connections are sorted based on the test result.

This program does not have this feature, so if you need to update the subscription link and configurations, you should use the Delete All VPN option and add the subscription link again.

Note: If you use the AutoCDN feature, to update the connections and get a new clean IP, you must delete all connections using Delete All VPN and then refresh the user page with the VPN off and add the subscription link to the software again.

Feature of sharing VPN connection with other existing devices

Suppose you need to turn on VPN on your phone and another device that needs to connect to the free Internet but does not have the feature to install VPN; connect For this, just use the Local Sharing button in Fair VPN and turn it on. After that, a message will be given to the following.

In the second device, it is enough to make settings on the given IP and port in the proxy settings section of the device to connect to the VPN.

Last update: April 17, 2024