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How to use Cloudflare worker domain on HiddifyManager (Automated way)

Previously, in an article, it was taught how to add Cloudflare workers to the panel. To make it easier to work in version 7, the worker domain was introduced as a separate domain. Follow this article till the end to get familiar with this domain.

Add Cloudflare API token

For this, you first need to create a Cloudflare development token or key and then add it to the panel. Follow this article.

Add the worker domain to the panel

Enter the panel Settings and click on Create in the Domains section.



Set domain mode to Cloudflare worker.


In this section, choose the domain name you want for the Worker so that this name is automatically added to your Cloudflare account in the workers section.


If you want, you can choose a name to display in the configs.

Force Config to Use Following IPs

In this field, if needed, you can put your Cloudflare clean IPs or use IRCF clean IPs. If you need more information on how to enter IPs in this field, read this article.

Finally, click Save to save the settings. Then click Apply Changes.

Use the configs of this domain

As you probably know, it is recommended that the subscription link be separated from the configurations in Hiddify to prevent the subscription links from being filtered. So if you have already created the subscription link; Here, go to the config settings of that domain and add the new Worker domain in Show Configs of Domains field.


That is, for example, if is your subscription domain, just edit it and in Show Configs of Domains, tick the Worker domain.

The work is done. The configs for the new worker domain have been added to your previous configs.

Last update: June 29, 2024