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How to use HiddifyApp

This app is a multi-platform client based on Sing-box that serves as a universal proxy toolchain. This app offers a wide range of capabilities. It also supports a large number of protocols. The app is free to use, ad-free, and open-source. It provides a secure and private tool for getting access to the free internet.

🚀 Supporting a wide range of protocols such as: ECH, Sing-box, V2ray, Xray, Vless, Vmess, Trojan, Reality, gRPC, WebSocket, Quic, TUIC, Hysteria, Hysteria2, Shadowtls, SSH, Clash, Clash meta

🟡 Supporting different subscription links like: Clash, Sing-box, Shadowsocks

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For reading the tutorial follow this article.

Software installation

For installing this app please take a look at this article.

Adding a profile to the app

  • First, open the link related to your user in the panel.
  • The following page is visible. By clicking on Tap to Start Anti-Filter, the link related to your profile will be loaded in the app.
  • If profile link is not added automatically, this page will open. Just click on Copy Link to copy the profile link.
  • Now enter the program and tap on the + button on the top left on the Home menu, so that the page of adding a new profile appears.
  • You can add the copied link in two ways on this page.

Method 1: Click Add from clipboard. The copied link will be added automatically.

Method 2: Click on Add manually, on the next page enter a desired name in the Name field and copy the link in the URL field. Then hit the Save button.

Add single configs

  • For this, go to the user page and click on All Configs.
  • In the displayed list, select the single config you want.
  • Click Copy to copy the config.
  • Enter the program and click the `+' button.
  • Tap Add from clipboard.
  • The config is added to the program.

Working with the app

Connect to the VPN

  • When the profile is added, you will see this on the Home page.
  • Just click on the connection button in the middle of the screen to connect the VPN.
  • If you need to update your profile, click on this button.
  • If you need to change the profile, click on the profile section and select the desired profile from the opened list.
  • In this section you can edit profiles.

Checking and testing proxies

  • To view the proxies, first connect the VPN. Then go to the Proxies menu.
  • On this page, the proxies or configs related to the profile, are displayed or you can see the individual configs added to the software.

  • The VPN automatically connects to the best proxy based on the test, but you can also choose the desired proxy manually.

  • Along with these proxies, their delay is also displayed.
  • If you need to test the delay, you should click on its button at the bottom right.
  • You can sort the proxies by name or test result with the upper right button.

General settings

  • In the Settings menu, you can see the General settings.
  • You can change the language of the software using the Language menu.
  • By using Theme Mode you can choose your desired theme from dark, light or device mode.
  • The Pure Black button makes the device theme deeply black.
  • The Start on Boot button is used to run the program when the operating system starts up for the first time.
  • The Silent Start button causes a window not to be displayed when the software is running, and the software is only displayed in the bottom toolbar after execution.

Advanced settings

Enabling TUN

  • To activate the tunnel, you must first open the program with admin or root access. This work is different according to different operating systems.

Opening the app with admin privilege on Windows - If the program was previously open with non-admin privilege, close the program. That is, right-click on the program icon in the lower toolbar and click Exit. - Now, on the desktop or in the list of Start programs, right-click on the program icon and click Run as administrator.

Run ad admin
  • The program opens with admin privilege.

Opening the app with admin privilege on Mac

  • If the program was previously open with non-admin access, close the program. That is, right-click on the program icon in the upper toolbar and click Exit.
  • Open the terminal.
  • Now go to Applications. Right click on the program icon and click Show contents.
  • Go into the MacOS folder and grab the HiddifyNext file and drop it on the terminal. With this, the address of this file will be placed in the terminal.
  • Press ctrl+a to go to the start of the line in terminal. Now type sudo. For example, you will have

sudo \Applications\\Contents\MacOS\HiddifyNext

  • Now press Enter to run the program with admin privilege.

Opening the app with root privilege on Linux

  • If the program was previously open with non-admin access, close the program. That is, right-click on the program icon in the toolbar and click Exit.
  • Now open the terminal and if, for example, the program is in the Downloads folder in Home, then execute the following command to run the program with root privilege.
sudo ~/Downloads/hiddify-linux-x64.AppImage

Note: If the program is in a different path, change the above command accordingly.

  • Now that the program is opened with admin or root access level, just go to the Settings menu.
  • Enter the Config Options in the Advanced section.
  • Turn on Enable TUN button.
  • Now go to the Home menu and tap the Connect button until it turns green.

Last update: April 17, 2024