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Tutorial for HiddifyNG app

This app is the best software for connecting to Xray protocols on Android operating system. Download and install the software

Enter the Android tab in your user panel and open the HiddifyNG section.

Click on Direct Download to download the application.

You can also download and install the program directly from GitHub and Google Play.

Add config

To do this, in the same section related to the HiddifyNG program, click on Click to Import to add the configuration to the program.


This plate is designed for quick connection to the filter breaker, which consists of several parts.

Profile section

In this section, you can see your imported profiles.

  • View the Traffic usage and the total traffic. Also see the number of days remaining in your account. (section number 1)

  • You can enter your user page in the panel through button number 2

  • You can contact your support through button number 3.

Add new profile

For this, press the + button from the profile section or from the top right of the application.

You can use the copied link or scan its QR code.

Connect to the software

To do this, click on the connection button in the middle of the screen.


Here are the configs that were added using the subscription link.

Update configs

For this, use the update button number 2.

Start or stop configs

For this, use the update button number 3.

Three-dot menu in configs

In this menu, which is a subset of the config menu, you can do various things that are mentioned below.

Filter configuration file

This menu is for filtering configurations based on a specific item.

Export non-custom configs

This menu is used to exit the configuration added to the program and transfer it to another device.

Remove all config

This menu is for deleting the entire config file from the program.

Remove duplicate config

Sometimes, due to the large number of configurations, you need to sort and remove the duplicate imported configurations from the program. Use this option for this.

Remove invalid config (Test first)

Sometimes you manipulate the configs to get better results by changing the parameters. If you need to delete configs that have invalid settings, use this option.

Real delay all configuration

This option displays the result for actual ping test based on the connection to the configs.

Sorting by test results

Sorts the list of configs based on the test result. Configurations with lower ping and better results are placed at the top of the list.

To do this, tap on the section related to the profile to open the section related to their settings.

You can edit the imported profiles or add a new profile.


On this page, there are advanced settings that will be mentioned later.

Proxy mode settings

The settings of this section determine how the traffic of sites and applications pass through the VPN, which consists of three parts.


All sites and apps pass through the app.


Passes detected filtered sites through the app.

Not Opened

In addition to the identified filter sites, it also passes through the app the sites whose filtering status is unknown.


Fragment splits the sent packets into some pieces. In this way, SNI is hidden from the GFW and filtering will be bypassed. more information

The settings in this section determine how information is transmitted in the form of fragmented packets. The purpose of applying these settings is to create resistance against the filtering system.


Applies the fragment defined in the config or proxy link.


It splits packets into random chunks.


It splits packets into two pieces.

Connection mode

The settings in this section determine how to connect to configs.


It will automatically connect to the configuration with the highest speed (lowest ping).

Load Balance

It connects to several configs at the same time and traffic is distributed between them. This mode is very useful when the IP related to the configs is not clean. By using this mode and spreading the load on several configs, an acceptable speed would be obtained.


Configs are entered manually. By clicking this button, the app opens another page that shows the list of available configs in which you can choose your desired one.

Three-line software menu settings

In this section, there are several general settings, the most useful parts of which are these.

Subscription group setting

Settings for all subscription links Select this option.


There are general software settings in this section.


Use this option if you need a log file for troubleshooting.


Use this menu if you need to report bugs and errors.

Last update: May 30, 2024