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Tutorial for HiddifyClashAndroid app

This software is developed based on Clash and many features are included in it.

Download the app

To do this, enter the Android tab in your user panel and open the section related to Hidify Android.

  • Click on Direct Download to download the application.

Install the app

Run the downloaded file to install the program. It may give an error that the source of the file is unknown, which you can confirm to install the file.

Add profile to the app

  • Here you need to get acquainted with a concept called profile. The profile is a yml file includes all the connections that can be accessed in this section. There are two types of profiles

  • Green or lite profile for filtered sites, in which case only filtered sites are passed through the VPN and other sites, including domestic sites, are opened without the VPN, which is a better mode. So you don't need to turn off VPN to open these sites.

  • The second mode is the orange or Normal profile, which passes all traffic through the VPN to the server. If domestic sites are blocked on the server, they will not be opened, or if WARP is enabled for all traffic, domestic sites will be opened via WARP.

  • Finally, choose one of the two profiles and click on Install so that the profile is automatically added to the program.

Add profile manually

  • Tap on Profile in the HiddifyClash app on Android.

  • And on the screen that opens, tap the + button.

  • On this page, go to the URL section.

  • And copy the selected profile link from the user page and place it here and save it.

  • The desired profile is added to the app.

Connect to the app

Click on the specified button to connect.

Update profile

To update the profile and configs, click on the profile. Then, on the opened page, click on the update sign so that the profile is updated according to the latest server changes.

Last update: April 17, 2024