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Tutorial for V2Box app

This software is a subset of V2ray software that was released for iOS.

For this, enter your user panel and use the link for Subscription b64 in the section of All configs.

  • Click on the button next to the link and click Copy in the opened window.

  • Open the V2Box software and select Configs from the bottom menu.
  • Tap the + button.

  • Select the Add Subscription option.
  • Give a desired name and copy the link copied in the previous step into the URL.

  • Then click Add Subscribe to add the configurations to the program.

  • After that, the program will automatically test the connections.

Scan QR code

  • To do this, click the button next to the link in the user panel
  • Tap + in the V2Box app.
  • Select the Scan QR option.
  • Then scan the QR code on the user's page with the phone's camera.

  • Configs are automatically added and the connection test is performed from them.

Connection test

To do this, click on Ping All in the Configs list so that all configs are tested.

Update subscription

To do this, press Configs + in the menu, then select Update All Subscriptions. By doing this, all subscriptions will be updated.

To do this, click on the three-line menu at the top of the Configs screen and activate the Auto Update option.

Add configs individually

Although this method is not recommended and it is not possible to update it, but if necessary, you can click the + button in Configs, then click Import V2ray URL from Clipboard to add the desired configuration to the program.

Connect to VPN

To turn on the VPN, go to the Home menu and slide the bottom button to the right.

On this page, general information about the connection, such as the amount of upload and download and the amount of memory used, is displayed.

Last update: April 17, 2024