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Tutorial for FoXray app

This app has been released by the WingsX app team, which has been replaced due to its removal from the AppStore app list.

  • First, enter your user page on Hidify panel.
  • In the iOS tab, open the section related to FoXray and click Subscription Link b64.
  • Copy the link.

  • Enter the FoXray program and select Subscriptions from the bottom menu.

  • Tap the + button.

  • Give a desired name and copy the link in the URL and then click Subscribe. By doing this, the configs will be added to the program.

Update subscription

For this purpose, click on the ↪️ sign in the Subscriptions menu to update the links.

To do this, press the QR code button in the FoXray menu and scan the QR code related to the link or configuration through the camera to be added to the program.

Also, if you have saved the QR code in the phone gallery, you can select the photo button in the FoXray menu to select the relevant photo and add the configurations.

Add configs individually

This method is not recommended at all because it does not have the ability to update, but you can use this feature if needed.

  • To do this, copy one of the configurations from your user page in the panel.
  • In the program, click the Clipboard icon in the FoXray menu to add the copied configuration to the program.

Connection test

Setting the connection test type Go to the Setting menu and select the test type in the Speed ​​Test section.

  • Using the PingType option, you can specify the type of test from TCPPing, TLSPing, RealPing, the most realistic mode of which is RealPing.

  • To perform the test, click on the connection test icon on the main page of the program to perform the test.

Limit memory usage

To do this, activate the Limit Memory Usage option in the ToolBox section of the Setting.

Add DNS server

  • If you need to add DNS to the program, select the DNS section in the FoXray menu.
  • Then tap on +. In the opened page, give a desired name and enter your desired DNS address in the Default DNS Address field.

  • Do not change other parts and save.

Auto update subscription

This feature is among the premium features of the program and you must have purchased the program to use it. To use it, go to the Setting menu and select the Auto Update Subscription option.

Always ON

If you need your VPN to be always on, you should activate the Always On option in the Setting and Pro ToolBox section, which is also a premium option.

Show VPN location

Activate the Show Location option in the Setting section and the Pro ToolBox section so that the location of the server will be displayed for you after VPN connection. This feature is on the premium features of the program.

Pin connected config

For this, you must select the Pin Outbound option in the Setting menu and the Pro ToolBox section. In this case, the configuration that is connected will be pinned at the top of the main page. This feature is on the premium features of the program.

Test configs before connecting

If you need to test the connections before connecting, activate the Test Outbound before Start option in the Setting and Pro ToolBox sections. This feature belongs to the premium features of the program.

Fragment activation

To activate the fragment on TLS connections, you need to click on the connection on this app and activate the Fragment option. The following parameters are suggested to be specified in the relevant fields.

packets: tlshello

length: 100-200

Interval: 10-20

Depending on the operator, you may need to change the parameters or change the type of packets from tlshello to tcp segment 1-3 mode. Of course, this condition may be detected earlier. packets: 1-3

Last update: April 17, 2024