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How to create and use fake domain

Creating fake domain

As the name suggests, we want to use a fake domain that is not related to us, so we don't need to register it in advance. But we can only use it in the panel.

  • To create a misleading or fake domain in the settings section, refer to the domains menu.


  • Click Create.

  • Select Fake Site from the Mode field.


  • Put the fake domain you want in the Domain field. If you need to use the server domain instead of the IP, complete the Force Config to Use Following IPs field to the domain of your direct server.


here you can see a list of sites and ports to use as fake domains.

  • Finally, click on Save to register your fake domain.

Connecting the fake domain to the subscription domain

  • To use the registered fake domain configurations, you need to edit your subscription domain and add the fake domain from Show Configs of Domains.

  • The work is done, the fake configs have been added to the subscription link. Just update the subscription link on your client application.

Proxy section settings

  • To make sure that the created fake proxies are active, enter the proxies menu in the settings section.
  • Check that http is enabled from the Global Configs section.
  • If you want to use VMess, check that VMess is active in the Global Configs section.

Global settings of Proxies

  • In Direct section, check that the following proxies are enabled.

Last update: June 29, 2024