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How to activate WARP on the Hiddify panel

Many websites, including Google, restrict the access of users through VPN. Because several different connections go from the same IP to Google's server at the same time, this behavior is similar to cyber malicious behavior, and because of this, the connection is disrupted, and Google gives a 403 error, for example. Other websites do not allow communication and use of the service. Here is one way to solve the problem using Cloudflare's WARP service.

What is WARP?

Warp is a Cloudflare service that provides secure and encrypted communication over its network. After performing security checks on the target client and making sure there is no malicious behavior, it opens the connection to the Internet. It assigns an IP to that system and communicates through it. In fact, Warp is a tool that hides your server IP from the sites that your users visit. Because the IP of the server is hidden, so access is established.

Warp has several levels of service, the free service of which has a traffic volume limit, and after crossing the limit, access is limited. It is better to use its special service called WARP Plus, which supports high volume. On Hiddify, it is possible to use this version of Warp, which will be explained later on how to activate it.

Setting up WARP on Hiddify

Go to the panel settings section, in this section you can see the WARP settings. Open it.


When you deactivate it, you need to give it a Warp Plus code, which you need to get this service from Cloudflare. Of course, to get this code, there are different bots in Telegram that give you this code, but none of them are approved by us.

Mode "All"

It passes all traffic through the warp, even the sites that don't have problems pass through the warp.

Mode "Only blocked and local websites"

Only domestic sites and Google, Spotify, Netflix, Openai, use Warp.

  • Note: If for any reason there is an error in the inserted code, the warp will be disabled. So make sure to use the code correctly. Select and copy the code provided by the bot correctly and place it in the desired field.

How to check if warp is active or not?

To do this, check the Status of the panel from the Actions menu.

status log

The system status is displayed on this page. Also, the status of the warp connection, the IP allocated for the use of the warp traffic is displayed.

  • Note that Warp is always active as a service. That is, here even if you have disabled it in the settings, it will be displayed again.

  • When you disable warp from the settings, traffic will not pass through the service even though it is enabled.

  • If you have entered the limited or unlimited Warp Plus code, the type of service will be displayed as Limited or Unlimited on this page.

You can also use the ipinfo site. If the IP displayed on this page belongs to Cloudflare despite the filter breaker being turned on; In this case, the warp is activated correctly.


You can also use the website, and if Cloudflare's IP is displayed, it means that Warp is activated.


How to change IP Warp?

  • To do this, SSH to your server; Press ctrl+c and click Cancel to exit Hidify menu.

  • Now run this command.

cd /opt/hiddify-manager/other/warp/wireguard && bash
  • After that, the assigned IP is changed by Warp. You can see the IP using the method given above.

Last update: April 17, 2024