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How to set up Telegram proxy on HiddifyManager

One of the good features of the Hiddify panel is providing a Telegram proxy, which is done using several libraries, which will be explained in the following settings.

Telegram proxy activation

  • To do this, go to the settings section of the panel and activate it in the Telegram proxy section.


  • If the message about applying changes is displayed, be sure to press the button so that the changes are applied to the server.

  • Now, if you open the link of the user page using the link for subscription only or direct links, you will see that the proxy configurations of Telegram will also be displayed.


  • You can change the proxy status by changing Telegram proxy libraries. For example, it is possible that one library works better on one network and another library works better on another network.
  • Also, in the fake domain section, put a domain that is placed as a fake in the header of the proxy packets and bypasses the internet restrictions.

    Be careful not to use domains of normal sites that are not filtered and sites that have a payment gateway.

Advertising activation

  • Now enter the created proxy into the bot. It may take some time to fully activate.

  • Then, in the panel settings, enter the address you want to advertise in the Telegram advertising tag field. For example, you can give your support account address.

  • The work is done.

Last update: April 17, 2024