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How to use subdomains of a website in Reality

One way to help make real traffic less detectable is to split the traffic over different domains. That is, if it is possible to specify all the subdomains of a website and distribute traffic on them, this will help the filtering system to identify your server later.



  • Now you have a list of subdomains of a website. Just separate them with a comma and put them in the field of domain name or Servername or SNI corresponding to your real domain.

  • Every time your sub-link is updated, one of these subdomains is selected as the address and in this way the traffic is divided on these subdomains. For example, if your app client automatically updates the subscription every 1 hour, then traffic is sent to one of these subdomains every hour, thus reducing the probability of the server being detected by the filtering system. More information about Reality domain registration on Hiddify Manager

Last update: April 17, 2024