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Tutorial for Nekobox app

This application is one of the applications that can be used for Android, which works relatively well for old devices.

Download the application

To download, you can refer to the GitHub of the project here.

Initial settings

  • Activate the use system dns as direct dns option through Settings.
  • Also set subscription min tls version to 1.3.

Note: if you are using old devices, set tls to 1.2.

  • Copy the subscription link of the user from the panel.
  • Enter the group section and create a new group.

  • Set the group type option to subscription.
  • Click on subscription link and enter the subscription link.
  • Enable force resolve and auto update options.
  • Save the created group and wait for the update to finish.

Tutorial on making Proxy Chain

In this method, the traffic is transferred from one proxy to another, and it allows you to remain hidden or anonymous much longer than the previous methods, and also to be more secure.

  • Configure the add or import option through manual settings.

  • Select Proxy chain.

  • Click Add profile and select and enter, for example, a reality config.

  • For the second proxy, for example, we use Cloudflare worker and save the profile.

  • Now go here to check if it was done correctly. If Cloudflare's IP is seen, it means the job is done correctly.

Note: When using this method, the ping test may encounter an error, which is a bug that needs to be fixed. But the filter connection is established and there is no problem.

You can also use http and socks5 in this method.

You can also use more than 2 proxies to connect at the same time.

Last update: April 17, 2024