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Tutorial for V2rayNG app

This app is a good app to connect to Xray based configs and replace HiddifyNG app.

Download the app

To do this, enter the HiddifyNG section in your user panel and then open the Alternative V2rayNG and click on Direct Download to download the program.

Install the app

Run the downloaded file to install. You may get an error about unknown apps that you need to confirm to install the app. Installation is very simple.

Add configs to the app

  • In the user panel in the previous section, click on the button next to the Subscription Link to open the QR code page. Then tap on copy.

  • Now enter the V2rayNG program and select Subscription group setting from the three-line menu.

  • On the screen that opens, tap +.

  • On the next page, give a desired name for the remark and put the copied link in the URL field and save it.

  • Then click on the three-dot menu and select the Update subscription option so that the configurations in the subscription link are loaded into the program.

Config test

  • To do this, enter the three-dot menu and select the Real delay all configuration option so that a ping test is taken from all configurations.

  • The test result is displayed next to each configuration.

Connect to the app

To connect to the app, press the Connect button at the bottom to establish a connection.

Update subscription

  • First, disconnect your connection from VPN. To do this, press the connection button to disconnect.

  • Then, from the three -point menu to the Update Subscription option to update the subscription link with the latest settings on the panel.

Last update: April 17, 2024