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How to import X-UI to HiddifyManager

In HiddifyManager version 10, this feature has been added so that the X-UI panel can be imported. For this, just follow the steps below until the end.

  • First, transfer the database file related to that panel to your server. We have already taught in this article how to/from the server did the file transfer.
  • Then use the following command to import the X-UI panel database file.
cd /opt/hiddify-manager/hiddify-panel/&&hiddifypanel xui-importer -x /path/to/db/file.db

Instead of </path/to/db/file.db>, you should put the path of the database file.

Suppose the database file is in the root/ folder, in this case, use the above command as follows.

cd /opt/hiddify-manager/hiddify-panel/&&hiddifypanel xui-importer -x </root/file.db>
  • The work is finished. The X-UI panel has been successfully moved to Hiddify Manager.

    [!NOTE] Due to the different structure of the X-UI panel, users and the amount of traffic consumed by them, which is the most important data related to that panel, are transferred.

Last update: April 17, 2024