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How to Reset HiddifyManager to default

In this article, we are going to teach how to raw the Hiddify panel (complete reset of the panel and database) similar to the initial installation. If you intend to return the Hiddify panel to its initial settings, this tutorial is prepared for you. Follow these steps to the end.

  • To begin, first SSH into your server.
  • Then, by using the combination keys Ctrl+c or selecting the Cancel button, close the Hidیify menu to access the terminal (command line environment) of your server.

  • If after performing these steps, the Hiddify menu is still displayed to you, type the word clear and press enter.

It should be mentioned here that if you need to backup your panel, make a backup of the settings-backup before proceeding. * Then enter this command in the terminal of your server to completely delete the current database:

rm -rf /opt/hiddify-config/hiddifypanel/hiddifypanel.db
* Then open the menu again using the following command:

bash /opt/hiddify-config/
  • And select Reinstall option from the Hiddify menu and wait for the panel to be reinstalled.
  • After finishing, you can access the new panel and configure it using the displayed admin links.

In this method, after the re-installation is finished, the panel will be completely retested and similar to the initial installation.

Fixing common issues

Solving the problem of reality configs not working

If after entering the subscription link you encounter the problem of reality or ping not working -1 go to Advanced settings and set TLS to 1.3 from the following path.

Settings > Option Setting > v2rayN settings > Enable Security Protocol TLS v1.3

v2raN settings

and finally click Confirm.

Improved performance with unofficial updates

To improve the performance and also update the cores required by the program such as Xray, SingBox, go to the same path as mentioned.

v2rayN settings

Activate the Check for pre-release update option and then update the kernels through the Check update option.

v2rayN settings

fixing DNS leakage

  • For this, you need to activate the TunMode option and it is necessary to use the Sing-box core. Therefore, on the main page of the program, download the Sing-box core using the Check update button.

Check update

TunMode settings

  • Then go to the following path.

Settings > Option Setting > TunMode settings

  • Then enable the Strict Route option.
  • Set the Stack option to System.
  • Now enable the TunMode button from the home screen.

    Note: To activate the TunMode button, the program must be opened as Run as administrator. Note: If TunMode does not work for you for any reason, set the Stack option on gvisor

Splitting the traffic of domestic websites

If, despite using the Lite or green profile prepared in the panel, you need to send the traffic of another site to the destination without going through the filter breaker, you can do it in two ways.

Using System proxy settings

To do this, go to this path.

Settings > Option Setting > v2rayN settings > System proxy settings

Enter here the addresses you want not to pass through the app. between each address put ; .

System proxy settings

Note: Here use instead of .

Using Routing settings

To do this, go to the following path.

Settings > Routing setting

Routing Settings

As you can see, by importing the Lite or Green profile, the internal site traffic rules have been added here. If you want to do this mode manually and place your desired sites,

  • To do this, turn off Enable advanced function option.
  • Then select the direct domain or IP option.
  • You can enter your desired domain. Use , to separate multiple sites.
  • You can block your desired domains through the block domain or ip option.

Last update: April 17, 2024